Instant Braces
Instant Orthodontics

If you have crooked teeth and don’t want to wear braces for years and retainers for even more years then there is a very good alternative. No, I am not talking about wearing Invisilign for years either and retainers after that. Some of us just don’t want to pick food out of our teeth for years. We want instant orthodontics.

Instant Orthodontics is quick, permanent, involves no retainers and takes less than two weeks. In addition, your teeth can be much whiter and have a better shape than ever before. Some people go through the braces and after years they still do not have the smile that they always wanted. The shape of their teeth just isn’t cosmetically pleasing.

Crooked Teeth

The artistic ability to treat only four teeth and have everything match perfectly requires skills beyond Cosmetic Dentistry or Instant Orthodontics, Lasers or Implants. It requires artistic skills that are difficult to teach. Some of us have these skills and some don’t.

One Tooth Sticks Out

It is really annoying to have one tooth stick out and it just wrecks your whole smile. You cannot even grin without that tooth sticking out. No braces, no Invisilign, just porcelain veneers. The tough part is that generally the tooth that is sticking out is in front of another.

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